Floor Stickers

Floor stickers are adhesive decals used for advertising purposes in your shop. Floor decals could be sales messages or an image helping raise awareness and create personal space and are also useful for floor based way finding signage.

The topsignage prints floor stickers with fade-resistant ink on thick vinyl with a weatherproof coating, protecting them from scratches, fading & rain. Floor stickers are easily installed on smooth and flat surfaces, such as retail, office, public areas and exhibitions. Before installing a floor sticker you should make sure that the surface has been properly cleaned.

Floor stickers can also convey important safety information and remind customers or staff to keep their distance. Use environmentally friendly inks, topsignage can ensure that no harmful ingredients are produced. The materials used are also the best, really thick and durable. Under the same conditions, topsignage only charges you the lowest price.

Floor stickers can last up to 3-5 years with proper care. With really fast turn around time and cost-effectiveness, you can get floor decals for whether long term promotion, or temporary sale

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Floor Sticker

$60.00 - $120.00 / sqm inc. GST