A Frame Sign

A Frame Sign

Australian locals have a cliche:

In Sydney, if you say that Sydney is the most livable city in the world, it is estimated that you will be laughed at. In Melbourne, if a business owner says he doesn’t know what A frame sign is, it is estimated that he will be laughed at as well.

A frame sign is Australia’s most common outdoor promotion tools or direction signs used in a park.

And when you walk through the commercial districts in Australia, A frame signs in different sizes and different styles are quite attractive.

In Australia, A frame sign is an essential accessory used to introduce their own business, promotional information, or point direction. A frame sign can be placed both on the sidewalk in front of the shop and inside of the shop. Some golf clubs also choose A frame signs for some activities.

Metal A frame sign is a common type. It is UV resistant and waterproof, suitable for all kinds of weather, including windy and stormy weather. Metal A frame always stands still because it is heavy enough.

Corflute insert A frame sign facilitates the merchants to regularly change the advertising screen. It has a metal frame and two corflute plate signs can be inserts in.

Portable real estate a frame is the most familiar marketing prop for real estate agents. This a frame is 0.6m(W)x0.6m(H), and the weight is 4.5kg. It is really popular in house auctions and inspections on weekends.

The plastic A frame sign is very light and is used for various indoor marketing needs. Promotional information stickers can be installed on two sides.