Flag Banners

Flag Banners

In Australia, outdoor flag banners are the most common brand promotion products. They are UV-resistant, waterproof and durable. Flag banners that flutter in the wind are very easy to attract the attention of passers-by.top sign’s VIP client, J&D Real Estate, is particularly good at using banner flags for outdoor branding promotion.

Today, top sign will introduce you with flag banners in three aspects: flag shapes, product process and functional bases.

Flag shapes and sizes introduction

Teardrop flag’s shape is like a water drop. Only one or two combining with other advertising products will give customer a good market effect.

Blade flag is a square shape, which is the most ceremonial choice. They can be set up in a row along the road.

The appearance of the feather flag is like the feathers of birds. Feather flags are more suitable to put in several columns, and each column has 3 to 5 flags.

No matter which flag types you choose, there are three sizes: small, medium and large.

Fabrics and product process introduction

top sign has strict requirements for outdoor flag banners materials:

top sign only uses professional outdoor fabric materials, which must be extra thick type, so that life of flag can be extended by 30%.

Another highlight is an additional final process, which called “manual curling”. When the outdoor flag is flying with the wind, the most vulnerable part is the edge of the flag. This additional process can also greatly extend the life of the flag.

Base introduction

top sign provides four types of bases:wall bracket base, ground insert base, tyre base and cross base. Customers can choose a proper one according to exactly using conditions.

Wall bracket base

The weight of wall bracket base is roughly 1kg. There are three different angle options:25 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

Tyre base

Tyre base is another popular option. It can be directly put under car tyres, easy to carry. This base is made of high-quality stainless steel and weighs 2 kg.

Ground spike base

What is the most common ground type in Australia? The answer is grassland. The ground-insert base is suitable for soft-land. customer just need to insert it directly into the soil, which is very convenient.

Cross base

Cross base can be used in any type of ground without any other support. The weight of the cross base is 3kg. Considering the strong windy weather in Australia, top sign also provide an extra water bag on cross base package. Water bag can be filled with maximum 12kg water, and put on top of cross base. In this way, even in windy days, a total of 15kg base can still deal with it calmly.