Pull Up banner

Pull up banner

Pull-up banner is the most common marketing tool. Most people know pull-up banner is just for information display or promotion. top sign sells more than 4,000 banners every year. Through data analysis, except for information display function, roll-up banners can also be used as event background wall, brand promotion and free reception.

The heaviest aluminum alloy base

top sign selects the heaviest aluminum alloy base. Not only because aluminum bases are strong and durable, but also because they can make sure that let graphics display for a long time.


The best HP LaTeX original ink

top sign has a luxurious HP professional Latex printing machine, and we insist on using original inks purchased from HP company. By doing this, not only the precise printing effect of each color can be achieved, but also the gorgeousness of pictures can be consistent.

The thickest graphic material

top sign are not only purchased graphic materials locally in Australia, but also choose thickest materials in the market to make sure that graphics will not curl for a long time. By doing this, a graphic image never curl.

Standard Base

Standard base is the most popular base, which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. And its annual sales account for more than 70% of the total sales because of its cost-effective performance. So it is favored by many customers.

Premium Base

The premium and deluxe types are mainly suitable customer who require for streamlined shape, and black color bases. If you want a high level in both aesthetics and quality, premium and deluxe bases will be your choices.

Luxury Base

The retail price of a premium or deluxe base is close to $200(AUD). And top sign can maintain online lowest price by getting a large number of orders monthly.

Double Sided Base

The double-sided base type is just freshly launched, especially suitable for exhibitions. Not only does it has excellent visual effects, but it also gives a fresh feeling and more space for information display.